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oh god in this interview liz touches on the subject of something that has always annoyed me, that is when people make fun of the fact that she and iain used to say fitzsimmons only have a brother/sister relationship. she’s laughing like, “that’s how WE saw it!” and she actually says she feels silly about that now. meanwhile there’s still a part of the fandom that acts like they knew from the beginning that fitzsimmons was gonna have a romantic turn eventually and were sorta trying to “hide that” from the fans or something, when in reality they knew nothing and they were talking honestly about how they saw the relationship. this may be silly of me but i personally think it’s kind of unnecessary to make fun of something that actors say when they’re talking so genuinely about how they feel towards the characters that they play themselves just cause you don’t agree with their opinion, but maybe that’s just me.

i just really wanna hug liz cause she clearly loves fitzsimmons as friends so much god she appreciates their non-romantic relationship SO MUCH she understands the characters SO DAMN WELL and i don’t know whether she personally wants them to be together romantically or not and honestly i couldn’t fucking care any less because she truly believes that they’re amazing together, romantically or not, and that’s what matters the most to me, and apparently to her too, which is pretty fucking amazing if you ask me. it’s pretty rare to see a relationship between a guy and a girl that isn’t romantic, and even though fitzsimmons isn’t 100% like that anymore, it’s hella nice to have two actors who appreciate their amazing relationship so much, and rarely ever talked about the possibility of a romance.

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    Also, btdubs, Joss Wheadon had intended for FitzSimmons to be the same gender (he didn’t care male or female), and had...
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    No, you’re right, she did say that. She also said that maybe it will turn into something more, and then at the end that...
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    We should always respect the actors, but Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen did say that they believe Fitzsimmons is...
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